Table of Contents

Introduction:  History and New Media, by David W. Park, Nicholas W. Jankowski, Steve Jones


Part I:  Newness Contextualized

Chapter 1:  Devon Powers: The End of New Music? Digital Media, History, and the Idea of Attention

Chapter 2:  Noah Arceneaux: “All You’ll Need is a Mobile Couch”: The History of Mobile Television in the United States

Chapter 3:  Stephanie Ricker Schulte: Cutting the Cord and “Crying Socialist Wolf”: Unwiring the Public and Producing the Third Place

Chapter 4: Christian Thorsten Callisen & Barbara Adkins: Pre-Digital Virtuality: Early Modern Scholars and the Republic of Letters


Part II:  New Media History and Theory

Chapter 5:  D. Travers Scott: Sound Studies for Historians of New Media

Chapter 6:  Zizi Papacharissi & Elaine Yuan: What if the Internet Did Not Speak English? New and Old Language for Studying Newer Media Technologies

Chapter 7:  Teresa M. Harrison: The Evolving Medium is the Message: McLuhan, Medium Theory, and Cognitive Neuroscience

Chapter 8:  Dmitry Epstein: The Analog History of the ‘Digital Divide’

Chapter 9:  Michael Dick: Twenty Years of Unnecessary Forward Slashes: Towards a Post-ontological Critique of Narratives of the Development of the Web


Part III:  Comparative Approaches

Chapter 10:  Peter Schaefer: Interface: History of a Concept, 1868-1888

Chapter 11:  Brian O’Neill: The Long History of Digital Radio: Old Media in a New Century

Chapter 12:  Benjamin Peters & Deborah Lubken: New Media in Crises: Discursive Instability and Emergency Communication

Chapter 13:  Holly Kruse: Pipeline as Network: Pneumatic Systems and the Social Order

Chapter 14:  Gerard Goggin: Telephone Media: An Old Story


Part IV:  New Media and Historiography

Chapter 15:  Meghan Dougherty & Steven M. Schneider: Web Historiography and the Emergence of New Archival Forms

Chapter 16:  Fernando Bermejo: The Evolution of Audience Labor: Appropriating Online Activities

Chapter 17:  Niels Brügger: Digital History and a Register of Websites: An Old Practice with New Implications

Chapter 18: Adriana de Souza e Silva & Daniel M. Sutko: Placing Location-Aware Media in a History of the Virtual

Chapter 19:  Simon Popple: “It’s Not Really Our Content”: The Moving Image and Media History in the Digital Archive Age